Roll to Control®

Award-Winning new board game of Color, Chance and Control

Christmas delivery of the Limited Edition is no longer possible. Our apologies.

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Order your copy of one of the remaining 39 numbered (out of 200) Limited Edition copies of Roll to CONTROL® now for $109.99 USD. 

Limited Edition - Game Contents

Roll to Control is a new family-friendly games that is easy to learn and fun to play.

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Each Roll to CONTROL®  Limited Edition game contains:

  • Large custom-made wooden collector's game box
  • Quad-fold game board
  • Numbered collector’s certificate of authenticity
  • Rules booklet
  • 5 custom-made wooden hexagonal "Scout" container boxes with integrated “colorwheel” lids
  • 2 custom-made twelve-sided, 12-color dice
  • 5 wooden “Captains”
  • 360 wooden “Scouts” (250 large pawns and 110 flat tokens)
  • 21 wooden “Caprocks”

Roll to CONTROL® contains 388 total playing pieces!